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m4 Personalized Medicine
Leveraging Knowledge and Information

The association is offering a network to promote discussions and information exchange regarding all aspects of personalized medicine.

Experts from science, industry, and clinical/medical professionals meet health care providers, representatives from politics and media as well as patient advocates concerned with medical, economical, or ethical aspects of personalized medicine. The  inclusion of all stake-holders and interest groups is intended to help in achieving general acceptance and support for personalized concepts in medicine and biomedical research. This in turn is a prerequisite to accomplish significant advances in modern healthcare and to reduce secondary effects and unnecessary costs at the same time.

We invite you to shape the field!


The association was founded January 22, 2015.

As a registered nonprofit association m4 Personalized Medicine e.V. is tax-privileged and may issue a certificate for your membership fee and your donations.

m4 Personalized Medicine continues the successfull activities that have been started by the "Leading Edge Cluster Program m4" in the Munich Biotech Cluster.

m⁴ represents...

In the "Leading Edge Clustger Program" in the Munich Biotech Cluster m4 represented the 4 essential forces to potentiate for further medicien: research institutions, industry, health care providers, and the effective management of expertises, cooperations and rising opportunities.

The title m4 is continued as a brand that should be understood without regional restrictions.