Research Institutes

Research Institutes

Multidisciplinary research

Munich is a location of international repute for basic research in the field of biomedicine and its clinical application.

  • Munich’s two universities have received a further boost following their success in the first call for entries to the Initiative for Excellence of the Federal Government (2006):

Max Planck Society and Helmholtz Gesellschaft

Munich boasts one of the largest concentrations of biological and medical research of the Max Planck Society:

  • The Helmholtz Zentrum München – German Research Center for Environmental Health (HMGU) – conducts application-oriented health research

Institutsübergreifende Plattform-Technologien

The technology platforms of the Clinical Cooperation Groups (LMU, TUM, Helmholtz Zentrum München) are structure-building components aimed at boosting translational research:

  • Immune-monitoring platform in the early clinical study phases
  • Molecular imaging Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for cell therapy
  • Antibody platform
  • Breeding of immunodeficient and other transgenic mice (German Mouse Clinic)
  • Laboratory for functional genome analysis (LAFUGA)
  • Munich Information Center for Protein Sequences (MIPS)

Please refer to Helmholtz Zentrum München: