Where is the focus of the m4 Personalized Medicine Association?


The association aims at joining people and merging information in order to develop the potential of Personalized Medicine in an efficient and responsible manner. It is impartial and open to everybody interested in and wishing to contribute to the topic. 


Our main activities include:


  • Collection of information about current developments in Personalized Medicine
  • Dissemination of knowledge by talks, discussions and task forces Establishment of an interdisciplinary network of experts
  • Understandable communication of complex scientific, ethic and legal issues




Together we can promote awareness for public and
individual health




Why become a member?


The association for Personalized  Medicine e.V. provides to its members:

  • Access to our interdisciplinary network of experts

  • Current information about Personalized Medicine Talks, discussions and task forces

  • The opportunity to take an active role


Inform yourself, discuss, engage, shape the future of wellness!




m4 Booklet Download

Booklet with information about the m4 association and Personalized Medicine: Download PDF (180 KB)

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